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Unlocking the full potential of your workforce begins with prioritizing employee well-being and nurturing a positive employee experience. Supporting employees’ health has become increasingly important in the wake of the pandemic, with Microsoft’s Work Trend Index highlighting that 53% of workers now prioritize their health and well-being over work. Amidst today’s increasingly dynamic and demanding work environments, businesses of all sizes need a solution for keeping an eye on the pulse of their team. Enter Viva Insights, an innovative platform that empowers employees to take control of how they work and equips leaders to stay in -touch with their employees, fostering a productive work environment, increasing collaboration, and building effective leadership. 

Viva Insights helms a new era of employee experience 

 In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, employees constantly juggle multiple responsibilities and roles while facing tight deadlines and a never-shrinking workload. On top of this, opportunities for employees to give feedback are slim, with 57% of businesses not actively soliciting their employees for criticism. This struggle and lack of support can strain employees' mental and physical health without proper support and attention. Sadly, without visibility into our team's well-being, organizations and leaders risk many negative short and long-term outcomes: higher turnover rates, lower morale, and eventually, decreased performance, innovation, and satisfaction. For smaller businesses and startups, these negative outcomes can be especially damaging. By leveraging Viva Insights, organizations both large and small can more effectively support work-life balance, provide stress-mitigating resources, and promote a healthier, happier work environment.  

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Viva Insights elevates productivity to new heights 

In Microsoft's Work Trend Index survey, 85% of leaders claim the shift to hybrid work has made it challenging to have confidence that employees are being productive. With Viva Insights, leaders can have constant confidence, with key employee information right at their fingertips. Viva Insights continuously captures valuable information about employees’ day-to-day work habits: meeting durations, peak working hours, collaboration frequency, email-communication patterns, focus times, and many more are meticulously analyzed. Viva Insights uses this data to create relevant actionable insights for organizations, so they can better understand their work habits and identify bottlenecks. By equipping organizations with tools to make informed data-driven decisions, they can strive to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and drive productivity and high-quality work. At the individual level, Viva Insights provides recommendations to employees tailored to their work habits, like setting aside time for deep work or scheduling breaks for recharging. Although these changes are small, they are impactful and yield significant productivity gains when practiced across organizations.  

A screenshot displaying Viva Insights' capability to generate actionable insights in real-time. This advanced capability enables leaders to see what steps they can take to improve employee experience.

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Viva Insights cultivates connection 

While employees are the heart of any successful organization, collaboration and connection are the lifeblood. Nurturing effective collaboration within small and large businesses has become most salient in today’s digital era, where remote work and virtual teams are creating gaps between employees and leaders. Viva Insights effectively bridges this gap by providing organizations with data-driven solutions to improve their collaborative dynamics. With Viva Insights, leaders can gain an understanding of how employees work together; from the frequency of their interactions to the effectiveness of communication channels, Viva Insights arms leaders with the knowledge they need to fine-tune collaboration strategies and craft an environment of open communication, trust, and innovation. 

A screenshot illustrating how Viva Insights allows leaders to glean insight into collaboration data to improve employee experience, through real-time visualization and insight generation.


Creating leadership excellence with Viva Insights 

Leadership excellence is the backbone of a thriving organization. It is the driving force behind inspiring employees, fostering growth and innovation, and achieving positive business outcomes. Viva Insights understands leaders' complex, crucial role in shaping success, and equips them with powerful tools to level up their leadership capabilities. By harnessing the comprehensive data Viva Insights displays on its dashboard, managers and leaders can glean key insights into their team’s well-being, productivity, and collaboration levels, and use them to take proactive measures to optimize team performance. Viva Insights empowers leaders to recognize and acknowledge the contributions and achievements of individual team members and praise them within the app, strengthening a positive relationship. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reveals that building these relationships is the toughest challenge of today’s hybrid-work environment according to 43% of leaders. With Viva Insights in their arsenal, leaders can command with confidence; while nurturing the growth of their teams, fostering employee engagement, strengthening positive employee relationships, and steering organizations toward long-term success. 

A screenshot depicting Viva Insights' ability to provide real-time insights about an organization's workforce, and providing actionable steps to improve employee experience, productivity, and drive success

Supporting small business with Viva Insights 

Small businesses and startups face many unique challenges as they strive for growth and success. With limited resources in today’s dynamic and accelerated work environment, it’s paramount that small organizations maintain close watch over their team’s well-being. Through providing real-time insights on work habits, collaboration patterns and team dynamics, Viva Insights has significantly streamlined how small businesses can stay connected to their employees, ultimately positioning them for long-term success in an increasingly competitive landscape.  


A catalyst for a future of improvement 

Viva Insights is more than a tool; it’s a symbol of our recognition of the truly impactful nature of employees and the plight to prioritize and nurture them. Viva Insights signifies a key step in a journey toward workplace excellence and continuous improvement. As more organizations embrace this journey, a future where employee experience is at the core of every organization becomes increasingly tangible. We are moving towards a business world where success is not just measured by output but also by the experiences and well-being of employees, and Viva Insights is at the helm. 


A brief recap 

To close, Viva Insights transforms the employee experience by prioritizing well-being, driving productivity, nurturing effective collaboration, and enabling leadership excellence. By enabling data-driven decision-making, organizations of all sizes can streamline processes, bridge gaps between employees and leaders, and foster a future of continuous improvement and innovation. 


By embracing Viva Insights, organizations can take the next step in the journey towards a business world with employee experience at the center. Join our journey to unlock the full potential of your workplace and help shape a future of thriving employees.  

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