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Viva Goals | A solution to fulfilling resolutions

Learn about goal setting with Viva Goals! Start setting goals now and track your progress. Prioritize, plan and stay organized heading into the New Year!

Day 12! It's the perfect time of year to set goals leading into the new year. Stay organized and on top of your work using Viva Goals. Viva Goals is an app that allows your organization to align goals with strategic priorities. Viva Goals' goal-setting framework is based on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). OKRs are the organization's goals and the metrics that keep track of your progress to accomplish them! This application allows individuals and organizations to track goals and progress and align everyone toward success.   


Viva Goals can help you stay on track with checkpoints. You can see exactly where you are progress-wise, and its visibility brings transparency and accountability across the organization. OKRs intrinsically help employees see how their daily contributions impact the organization's greater goals through alignment. Employees are more motivated when they see how their goals align with the organization's objectives. Are you ready to tackle some of those New Year's resolutions? Start using Viva Goals to help you stretch for amazing! 


Tips when Setting Goals: 

    • Review your company's goals and compare them to your personal goals. Goals alignment is key to fulfillment. 
    • Ensure your goals align with company values as well. Objectives should be an extension of your core values.
    • Build on the basics. Reassess your current goals and think about adjusting or adding to them with where you are currently. 
    • Start small—OKRs should be the basis of your most important work; prioritize! 


Set Personal Goals, too | Finding ways to spread holiday cheer all year! 

    • Donate time or money to a charity or someone in need 
    • Volunteer at a food bank
    • Serve meals at a soup kitchen
    • Participate in a secret Santa for seniors 
    • Help a stranger carry items to their car 

We encourage you to start goal planning as we approach the New Year. Think of some New Year’s resolutions you want to accomplish in your work and personal life! Re-establish those values you hold dear, and why not use Viva Goals while you are at it? If you'd like to learn more about Viva Goals and OKRs, check out this on-demand webinar from our friends at PixelMill.  



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