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Do More with Less | 12 gifts of Viva

Microsoft Viva has plenty of amazing features that improve the experience for employees!

Microsoft Viva's many modules and features are designed to improve the experience of your employees. For today's feature, we highlight the 12 gifts that Microsoft Viva can provide to your organization. Let's dive in... 


12 Gifts For You! 


On the first day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you... a way to bond with your amazing crew 

Viva Connections encourages a healthy workplace culture between your fellow employees and can be a place where everyone can interact and bond. This tool can help employees feel closer to one another and encourages this in a fun environment.  


On the second day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...a personalized space just for you 

Viva Connections provides a personalized feed with information from across their organization. The feed is a great way to stay up to date with corporate communication and engaging content. The feed has great features that automatically balance these two aspects to keep the content compelling and engaging.   


On the third day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you... Productivity advice! 

Viva Insights uses data insights to track your productivity and advise you on optimizing this. You can see how your work impacts the organization and feel that you are making an impact on the success of the organization.    


On the fourth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you... Personalized Insights! 

Viva Insights offers employees tailored insights that can help maintain a balance in their work. It can also help with their well-being by having a structured approach to work.  


On the fifth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...Challenge management! 

Viva Insights can look thoroughly into the challenges your organization is dealing with and suggest ways to resolve them. Ultimately, improving the business! 


On the sixth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...Learning resources! 

Viva Learning provides learning resources for an employee to access quickly in an organized space. Continuous learning is encouraged by the accessibility of resources and the ability to engage with materials.  


On the seventh day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you... Organized learning! 

Viva Topics automatically creates pages with contents of topics. It can make a structured version of an individual's topics and knowledge and structure it accordingly. 


On the eighth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...Goal setting management! 

Viva Goals is a goal-setting module that can bring together employees to complete a common goal. Employees can stay aligned on the tasks to complete and do so in harmony! 


On the ninth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...Planning management! 

Viva Goals allows employees to create a rollout plan for an initiative with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Identifying the steps needed throughout the project are important and Viva Goals is the tool to help with this.  


On the tenth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...Automated data entry! 

Viva Sales eliminated the need for manual data entry! It does this by using Teams to automatically register information into any customer relationship management (CRM) system.  


On the eleventh day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...A check-in system! 

Viva Pulse is coming soon to the Viva Modules. It works to check in on employees to understand how they are feeling. Pulse can empower leaders to make changes to improve the workforce by receiving insights into how employees are really doing.  


On the twelfth day of Viva, the gift that’s just for you...a space for your voice to be heard! 

Viva Amplify is also coming soon! Amplify makes it easy to communicate within large groups! Viva Amplify improves the experience of employees by being a space for them to speak their minds and share important messages across the company.   


We hope you take advantage of the amazing gives Microsoft Viva provides employees with and make their experience better. To learn more, Microsoft Viva Modules explains them more in-depth!   


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