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Viva Engage - Bond with your fellow elves

Learn some tips and tricks about bonding with your fellow coworkers. Viva Engage is a great tool to assist you in this!

Welcome to Day 11! In our remote-first world—it can be challenging to connect. So, let's talk about a few ways to engage in activities with your fellow elves! Viva Engage is a great tool to bond with your coworkers, no matter where they are. It's a social app for digital communities, conversations, and self-expression that builds on the existing capabilities of the Communities app for Teams and Microsoft 365.Viva Engage connects employees and gives leaders new ways to engage their team 

Let’s see some ways that Viva Engage can improve your everyday experiences... 


Viva Engage Abilities 

Connecting with other elves: 

    • Leaders can share news, strategy, and converse with employees! 
    • Employees feel like a team when they are encouraged to build communities whether for fun or in a professional space. Viva Engage encourages all elves to converse with one another! 
    • No additional meetings! Whenever you have the chance, start to share stories, videos, or posts on what you are currently working on. Other elves will do the same, and you can all encourage each other to complete your goals. 


Well-being Tips! 

It is a busy time of year, and to ensure your well-being is in check, here are some suggestions:  

For Leaders...   

    • Find ways to connect. With Viva Engage, this is super simple! You could hold a virtual event to spread gratitude to workers or post an announcement to the team reminding them of your open-door policy; share that you have a quick second now to chat with anyone who feels like it!  

For Employees...  

    • Start to form a community bond with your fellow elves! Take part in a welcoming space where you can tag other employees and spark discussions on interesting topics. 


Bonding Tips!  



Bonding with your team has a huge effect on your day-to-day experiences. Here are some fun suggestions for ways to bond...    

    • Creating holiday playlists — Multiple team members can collaborate and get to know one another by doing this together.  
    • Holiday photo share of pets — what a fun way to share your pet! Break the ice with your coworkers and share those adorable photos!  
    • Sharing holiday recipes — spread your favorite recipes to those in the organization!  
    • Share your favorite work snack – Show your coworkers your favorite snack. Another coworker could enjoy the same snacks, or you could inspire someone to discover a new joy. 

Well, there you have it! Take these tips and tricks into the holiday season and New Year! Start sharing and bonding with other elves in your organization; you never know where a friend could be found! 😊   



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