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Tidings of Team Unity: Exploring Viva Engage Features

Viva Engage provides a space for employees to hold casual conversations, host virtual events, and make announcements to keep everyone informed.

In an increasingly digital world, employee connection has never been more crucial for the success of companies everywhere. In fact, highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability than teams with low engagement, according to Gallup and Forbes. Employees need an outlet to communicate and express themselves, Viva Engage. Viva Engage provides a space for employees to hold casual conversations, publish storyline posts to amplify important topics, host virtual events, ask questions and receive answers, and make announcements to keep everyone informed.

Brewing Connections with Viva Engage

Take a sip of your festive, peppermint coffee and have a conversation with a colleague through Viva Engage. Employees can @mention coworkers, pin interesting conversations and hold group discussions across teams and departments. Communicate and build rapport with peers!

Unwrapping Stories with Viva Engage

The storylines feature is designed to allow employees to share photos and posts about their work projects, interests, and personal life. With a strong user interface, employees can create a profile including a personal photo and background image, and create story posts to provide updates on your timeline to people within your company. This is a great way to present pertinent information succinctly without directly messaging everyone in the company about it.

Toasting to Connection with Viva Engage Events

Leaders and employees can collaborate through the Virtual Events feature by hosting virtual town halls. Hold meaningful discussions between leadership and employees and foster new strategies for company growth. Users can also host question-and-answer sessions, whether it’s about departmental protocols or Christmas trivia!

Knowledge Glow-up: Topics Illuminating Viva Engage

Topics is another feature that can be used as a learning tool. Users can create and follow topic hashtags, allowing them to post or locate content relevant to their work seamlessly. Employees can find company resources and content from learning providers by following a hashtag in Topics.

Festive Recap

No matter the business, optimal success hinges on employee connection. Fostering these relationships is crucial to overall employee satisfaction and productivity after all, Teams that understand each other on a professional and personal level outperform teams who don't. By sharing ideas and building a culture of partnership and cohesiveness, businesses accelerate growth. The holidays are around the corner, and so could be the connection with a colleague that you never would have thought possible without Viva Engage. So, grab a coffee, illuminate your holiday-lights, and start with a work/life-changing connection with Viva Engage!

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