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Beyond Holiday Bonuses | Cultivating a Year-Round Culture of Appreciation

As the holiday season sparkles with joy, it's essential to extend the spirit of appreciation far beyond the glittering decorations and festive gatherings.

As the holiday season sparkles with joy, it's essential to extend the spirit of appreciation far beyond the glittering decorations and festive gatherings. Creating a year-round culture of recognition is the key to fostering engaged, loyal employees and retaining top talent. Let's unwrap some innovative practices to express gratitude throughout the entire year, transcending the conventional confines of holiday bonuses. 

Cheers from peers 

Encourage a culture where your team can readily express their appreciation for each other. Sometimes, it's the "unseen" efforts that deserve acknowledgment. Provide avenues for coworkers to celebrate the positive contributions of their colleagues, allowing commendable actions to come into the spotlight. 

Use tools like Viva Insights to seamlessly send praise to those who have gone above and beyond. A simple 'thank you' can work wonders in boosting team morale, especially during the bustling holiday rush. 

Track team wins 

Use tools like Viva Goals to fuel motivation within your teams by setting and celebrating achievable goals. A touch of friendly competition can be invigorating. Whether it's reaching project milestones or surpassing sales targets, acknowledge the hard work of your staff and consider introducing rewards for the team that hits the mark first. Tracking team wins not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also strengthens team bonds. 

Celebrate often 

While holiday festivities are undoubtedly special, consider celebrating achievements and successes throughout the year. Whether it's meeting project deadlines, achieving sales goals, or just because it's five o'clock somewhere—every reason is a good reason to celebrate. In fact, sometimes the most enjoyable celebrations arise from recognizing accomplishments on non-obvious occasions. 

Personalized appreciation 

Go beyond generic gestures and make appreciation personal. Handwritten notes, small thoughtful gifts, or even a well-deserved day off can speak volumes. Tailoring your recognition efforts to each individual's preferences and achievements demonstrates a genuine understanding and appreciation for their unique contributions. 

Open communication 

Use tools like Viva Pulse to foster a culture of open communication where employees feel their voices are heard. Regular check-ins provide an opportunity to understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations. This two-way communication ensures that appreciation is not just a top-down approach but a collaborative effort that contributes to a sense of belonging. 

While the holidays offer a natural backdrop for expressing gratitude, incorporating these year-round practices ensures that appreciation becomes an integral part of your workplace culture. By infusing positivity, recognizing achievements big and small, and embracing the unexpected, you'll create a workplace where employees feel valued every day of the year. 

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