Manager's Toolbox - Streamlining Leave Approval Workflows

Employee Experience Platform has created a digital product to simplify leave requests and approvals for businesses everywhere

Simple leave approval processes are essential for ensuring that employees receive the time off that they’ve earned and for managers to sleep well knowing that they’ve planned for employee absencesWithout a system in place, disorganization is inevitable. We all know how important organization is – especially around the holidays. Without organization, how do Santa’s elves produce enough presents for all of the kids around the world? Luckily, the Employee Experience Platform has created a digital product to simplify leave requests and approvals for businesses everywhere. Say goodbye to disorganized days off and say hello to EXP’s Leave application.


Leave Requests and Approvals

The My Balances section of Leave allows users to view each separate vacation and sick leave policy and the remaining paid and unpaid time off that each user possesses. Employees can create leave requests in the Time Off Requests section of the app and wait for approval or denial from management. Leave statuses update automatically within the app, simplifying the communication process. Administrators also have the ability to implement policy types to be applied to certain employees or across the organization as a whole. So, once a leave request is entered, the manager can easily approve or deny the leave request by clicking the designated option, streamlining the approval process. To top it off, user calendars are automatically updated whenever a leave request is approved, informing the user and administrator alike. Managers can eliminate redundant leave processes and grant time off effortlessly with EXP’s Leave app. 


A Joyous Review

With the holiday season approaching, everyone is scrambling to use their remaining time off to escape the office and reunite with family and friends. In the midst of the seasonal rush, managers can feel overwhelmed trying to approve each leave request. By adopting Leave, managers can relieve their headaches, grab a glass of eggnog, and enjoy the festivities!

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