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Wellbeing Tips | Staying jolly in the winter season

Here are some tips to ensure your well-being during the holiday season!

We spend a lot of time at work—one-third of our lives, in fact. Maintaining healthy well-being at work, especially around the holidays, is vital, so we're sharing tips on supporting and checking in on your well-being.  


Tips for Employee Well-being 

Take time for yourself! Regularly reserving time for yourself to reduce burnout is vital for your well-being. Dedicate this time to recenter yourself, enjoy the season, and reflect inward.  


Concretely, taking time could take any form: 

    • Exercise regularly—Take a walk, get fresh air, or hit the gym.
    • Establish healthy eating habits—Follow a healthy meal plan, share healthy recipes for inspiration, and cut down on sweets or late-night trips to the cookie jar. 

    • Drink lots of water—Track your water intake and research the recommended amount for your body type. You’d be surprised at what hydration can do for you!  

    • Refocus—When feeling burnt out, step back from your workspace. Take a walk, listen to a song or dance around! Please don’t get stuck in a rut and sit in it. Groove to Last Christmas, and sing at the top of your lungs—you deserve it.  

    • Catch those Zzzzs—Sleep affects us more than we admit, and getting enough sleep can impact our workday. Try and maintain a balanced sleep schedule that makes you feel refreshed in the morning.  

    • Find your zen—meditation can help you begin your day feeling grounded or relax your mind after a busy day. Microsoft Insights provides a set of curated guided meditations to help you decrease stress and increase throughout the workday. To launch a guided meditation, just open the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams!

    • Holiday stress management—Many stresses accompany the holidays from friends, family, busy work time, gifting others, and over-eating. Creating a plan and budget can relieve this stress and prepare you to face the holidays!  


Take a breather—you got this! 

The holidays are busy, but nothing should come between you and your peace of mind. Remember to take care of yourself and apply some of these tips to ensure you have the merriest of holidays. Happy Holidays from us here at EXP!


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