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The Present of Presence | Give the Gift of Painless PTO Requests

EXP's Leave app makes Leave Request management painless. Learn about Leave's features and the importance of providing PTO and benefits to employees.


'Tis the season of giving! Gifts, food, time, and friendship are all given throughout the holiday season. Giving demonstrates appreciation, care, and gratitude for the people in your life. To bring that holiday spirit into the workplace, make taking time off an effortless and essential part of your culture. 

Why are PTO and Benefits Important? 

 The importance of these perks lies in the message their administration shows. Like any other gift, PTO and benefits make employees feel valued and acknowledged by the organization. QuickBooks research found that “75% of American workers surveyed believe it’s very important to provide vacation time, paid sick time, and paid holidays.” The perks of a job make people feel appreciated, which greatly affects their decision to stay with an organization.  

Painless PTO Requests  

Creating PTO policies and benefits packages is hard enough. Processing PTO requests and approvals shouldn’t make it more difficult. Efficient leave request processing is imperative for peak seasons like the holidays! The Employee Experience Platform’s (EXP) Leave app makes for painless PTO request management.  

Create and Approve PTO Requests: Users can submit PTO and In-Lieu requests for basic policies like vacation or custom policies created by the organization quickly and easily. The app then notifies users when admins approve their leave requests. From start to finish, everything happens in Leave through one feedback loop!  

View your Policy Balances: Gone are the days when you need to search between documents to find how many accrued vacation days everyone has. Leave stores each user’s available hours for every applicable policy type.   


Perks of the Job and the Employee Experience  

 The appreciation shown by PTO plans and benefits packages goes a long way in improving the employee experience. Empowering your team to take time to recharge is essential. And making it easy and pain-free to request time and understand what is available to them is vital. Automating the leave request process lets you focus on vital work to continue to make your organization thrive. So, in the spirit of giving, take a look at your PTO and benefits plans and improve the employee experience in your organization! 


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