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Want to liberate? Automate! - Santa's secret to success

Learn how automation can help a small business complete everyday tasks so that employees can focus on big picture tasks!

Santa and his elves have quite a few responsibilities during the holiday season. And we know as a busy small business owner or employee, you do too! "Automation" is quite a buzzword lately, but the reality is it truly can help manage mundane tasks and speed things up so you and your elves can focus on the important work.  


One of the most time-consuming HR tasks is managing expenses. EXP's Expense app can help with that! EXP is an Employee Experience platform within Microsoft Teams to help you manage your HR tasks like expense management. Let's look at some bonuses of adding automation to expense management. 


Automation Can Help... 

Santa could be more organized in tracking his expenses, he's tired of managing multiple excel documents, and his elves are frustrated by the expense request process. An automated expense reporting system can save Santa some severe headaches and get money back in those elves' pockets to procure more milk and cookies!  


With Expense, the elves can quickly submit expense receipts for Santa and Mrs. Clause to review and approve. All they have to do is upload an image of the receipts and submit them to the Expense application making expense request submission a breeze. 


Plus, the approval process is quick and simple for Santa. He can see all expense submissions organized in one place and approve or deny the requests with the click of a button. 


Why Automate Expense Management? 

Automation makes expense tracking a better experience for everyone—from those managing it to those submitting requests. Automation speeds up the process and ensures accuracy, which is key when we’re talking about getting money back in people’s pockets for the holidays! For more information about automation or a system to improve employee experience, check out our app, EXP, and see all the amazing features to help enhance your employee experience.    



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