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Why having an HR platform native to Teams is a game changer

A description of why having an HR platform integrated with Teams is beneficial. Save money and time while improving engagement using this platform.

Context switching is one of the greatest productivity slayers. So how can you combat this? Integration! As someone tackling HR tasks, one way to make your work life easier is by using an HR platform that's integrated with the work tool you use mostMicrosoft Teams. 


An HR platform is a tool that takes on some of the tasks an HR department would cover through automation, AI, or workflows. It can help with onboarding, hiring, expense tracking, paid time off, and more. Our EXP app, also happens to be integrated into Microsoft Teams! 

What do we mean when we say, ‘integration with Teams?’ Your company's HR platform will be accessible on the sidebar to open like any other application within Teams. This makes all HR-related tasks more efficient and easier to access!  

Benefits of an HR platform within Teams 

The benefits of investing in an HR platform that’s integrated with Teams are numerous, and all contribute to creating a better employee experience for each member of your team. 

Save Money 

Your company can save money with just one subscription for an all-in-one HR platform within Teams versus having multiple subscriptions for different HR tasks. The benefit is fewer complications when it comes to expenses and managing one subscription with all your needs included. 


Save Time 

Instead of switching between different platforms to track expenses, you can just switch to a different tab on Teams. This saves time for HR workers with their everyday tasks. It also saves employee time when they need to access information such as vacation requests and imputing expense requests. 


Improve Engagement  

Everything is in Teams! People can connect with everyone in the organization in the same space rather than going to outside sources, keeping your team engaged where they are doing the brunt of their work.  


Improve Accessibility of Necessary Tools 

All the tools you could possibly need, and more, are at your fingertips! Need to request time off or log expenses? It is all there! There is simplicity and clarity throughout Teams, and all knowledge is transferred to the company and the workers! Plus, with integration to Teams calendars, your company can easily access vital information like when your favorite work-buddy is out of the office.   


Security and Privacy 

When dealing with private information about employees, it is important to know what HR managers can access and how employee information is protected. EXP can show you how this works... 

What does the HR manager have access to about the user: 

An HR manager can see your personal information such as your address and salary. EXP allows certain limitations to be put in place to ensure privacy for the users. The Profile app from user to user does not show the same information it shows to HR managers, thus, private information can be kept secure and only available to those who need access.  


Features of EXP

An HRIS and Employee Experience Platform All in Teams! 

The Leave Module 

Leave is an app within EXP that helps employees book time off. Employees use it to request time off, and administrators can approve requests. Employees can view their available PTO, leave type (vacation, sick leave), duration of leave in days, and the hours required off, and file a request.  

The Expense Module  

The EXP Expense app empowers users to easily log billable expenses and attach them to an Expense Report for approval. If you’re tired of using temperamental Excel templates and hoarding receipts, Expense is right for you! 

Microsoft Teams is the center of the employee experience, so EXP brings your HR management where your team is spending their day eliminating that frustrating context switching. 


Worried about EXP disrupting other programs?

No need! Here’s why... 

EXP can adapt to your current work-from-home system. Do you have a current payroll system?  EXP won’t interrupt any external platforms that your business may need. Workers can still use their payroll platform without interference! Having EXP on your Teams dashboard can benefit your employees and enhance the way your organization currently runs. 

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